Integrating User Defined Info Centers

User Defined Infocenters (UDIC) are great addition to Vision and can be used for so many things, anything from moving excessive extra tabs in a project infocenter to its own UDIC, to creating a center to track hiring candidates. One of the overlooked pieces is integrating these Infocenters with the other data you have in Vision to make it richer and more connected. For this example a Tradeshow UDIC will be created and then connected to project for cost tracking, connected to opportunities via a grid to track the tradeshows success, and employees via another grid to track attendees. There’s also some workflows used to total up some of the fields.

The process of created a new User Defined Infocenter is pretty straight forward, just go to Configuration > General > User Defined Components, and click the New Info Center button at the top. The in the new window just give your info center a name. Note the Database Table Name is there so you can find this new UDIC in your database.


From there just insert the custom fields you would like to have in your UDIC, in this example for a tradeshow there’s a field to link to the Tradeshow project where time and expenses are charged, a Start Date fields, a link to the website etc. Simply create the fields for the data related to a Tradeshow you’d like to track.

And for this example 2 grids are added to capture the employees attending and the opportunities that are related to the Tradeshow.

Below is an example of what that Tradeshow could look like after you’ve added your fields. Again just the basic information, the name, registration dates, the budget breakdown and the links to employees and opportunities. With these fields it now straight forward to track and report on upcoming Tradeshows, view who is attending and if they’re registered, set a budget, and view the opportunities that come out of the show. One of the challenges with having the Opportunities here will be getting the Opportunities entered and linked after the fact. However this can addressed by only funding Tradeshows in future years that have significant opportunities coming out of the show, and you could even look at just the opportunities that are won.

One of the components of the Budget section of the Tradeshow of the is to Total up the costs. This can be done with a Column Field Change workflow. Just go to the User Initiated Wofklow, select the Tradeshows UDIC from the Application dropdown and insert a new workflow and insert a Column Field Change Action.

From the Column Field Change window select the budget total column and then click the ellipses to open the SQL Expression builder.

For the expression simply select all of the Budget columns from the column list and add them as shown below.


3 thoughts on “Integrating User Defined Info Centers

  • June 7, 2016 at 2:41 am


    I would like some help in terms of if you can help to develope custom vision inforcenter screens using Dot.Net project or assembley and then call this like Deltek.Vision.ProjectInfoCenter.Client.ProjectInfoCenter?

    Iam looking after doing some sort of advanced customization in Vision screens like
    • Adding a Custom grid with data (Data I can populate from sp )
    • Adding validation on this custom grid data like checking if the data enters in columns is integer or not, if the data enter in some column is greater then some number then show alert etc
    • Add some logic using backend code e.g vb code
    • using project search feature to search for project and load in to grid
    • How to compile this dotnet code and call as application (Deltek.Vision.ProjectInfoCenter.Client.CustomProjectInfoCenter)


    • July 29, 2016 at 2:55 pm

      Unfortunately I’m pretty sure you’ll need to create the Custom Infocenter first, then you can use Xtend or stored procedures to accomplish the logic you’re describing in either Xtend to use VB or SP to use sql with workflows. The search feature may need to be done outside of vision as well.

  • January 18, 2017 at 8:04 pm

    We’ve created a UDIC in our database; however, I don’t see how to enable the UDIC to access merge templates. How do you get content out of the new infocenter (aside from copy-paste) or be able to bring it into the Custom Proposal module?


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