Deltek Vision Dashboard Manager


Vision Dashboard Manager allows you to copy a dash part from one employee to another, or to an entire role. To run the software you do need a database login to access your Vision database. The Vision Database should also be 6.2 or greater.

It’s also important to note that the Dashboard Manager does bypass any dash part or role security assigned to dash parts. Which is good and bad, on the good side you don’t need move someone to a role which has been given access to the dash part or give the entire role access to the dash part. On the bad sign when publishing to an entire role you may be accidently giving that role access to a dash part they should not have. So just be thoughtful when considering what parts you are assigning to employees or roles.

Last important note, is to please test the dash part assignments on a test database before going live. The Dashboard Manager is not an officially supported product of Deltek nor does it come with any implied or expressed warranty or maintenance, or guarantees.

To use the Dashboard manager first set the database connection by choosing Set Database in the lower left corner of the application.

In the Connection window enter the Server name, the login information and select the database (remember to use a test database first).

After you Test the connection you’ll need to close and reopen the application, note you’ll only need to do this the first time you run the application on your computer.

To being copying dash parts first select the employee from whom you’ll be copying the dash part from.


Once you select the employee you’ll be able to select any of the dash parts they currently have.

Then choose an employee to copy to and just click the copy to Employee. Note you can remove that dash part from an employee as well.


The last option is to select the dash part and then copy that to an entire role by selecting a role and choosing the Copy to entire Role. Again there is a remove from Role as well to remove it from the entire role.

That’s all there is to it.

The software can be downloaded here:

The entire project source code is available here:

If you have issues you can post them here:

Comments and suggestions can be posted here:

For anything else or any of the above feel free to email

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